Terms & Conditions

  • Amateurs Only:– The definition of an amateur performer is a person who does not make a paid career out of performing. The majority of their income does not come from performing. Contestants cannot enter if they are employed (receive remuneration) from Hughenden Country Music.
  • Material:– All material must be country. Exceptions only apply to Novelty Sections.
  • Judges:– The decision of the judges will be final and No Discussion or Correspondence will be entered into regarding their adjudication. The judge’s opinion is just that, based on their knowledge and experience in the country music industry and should be accepted in the spirit that it is given.
  • Backing:– All backing must be Live. No musical effects, music machine or drum machines. Synthesisers/Keyboards can be used as a piano sound only. Guitar pedal effects are permitted. Note: Disqualification will result if you ignore this rule.
  • Sound and Stage:– Equipment will be provided and will be the only equipment used on stage. (Drums Supplied). Anyone requiring a keyboard must supply their own.
  • Nominations:– A Contestant will only appear Once in any Section. No Late Nominations will be taken. (Note: Under No circumstances will there be any refund of Nomination Fees).
  • Contestants:– All Contestants must register with the Stage Manager at least 30 minutes in advance of their particular section, and be prepared to perform in the order they are placed. Failure to do this will result in being declared absent. At No Time is any contestant allowed to approach the judges or adjudication area. Failure to abide by this rule may result in disqualification.
  • Backing Band:– If the Backing Band is required, contestants must supply Four Copies of legible Chord Charts.
  • Dress Code:– All contestants and backing artists must be suitably dressed. Under NO Circumstances will thongs or singlets be permitted on stage. Contestants are reminded that country style dress form part of their performance and will be judged accordingly.
  • Duo Vocal:– Two Contestants Only. Backing Band may be used.
  • Age Groups: – At Age of Competition:
  • Pee Wee –8 Years and under.  (Not yet 9)
  • Juvenile –11 Years and under.  (Not yet 12)
  • Junior –12 – 17 Years.  (Not yet 18)
  • Adult –18 Years and over.
  • Golden Oldies 60 +
  • Open –Open to all ages.
  • Official Areas:– The office, judges and sound mixing areas are not for congregation for contestants or friends. Please keep away from these areas unless you have official business.
  • Adjudication Sheets:– Score Sheets will be available at the conclusion of the festival after Presentation.
  • Stage Behaviour:– Under No Circumstances will verbal discrimination be tolerated on stage. Alcohol Must Not Be Consumed on Stage.
  • Finals:– First placegetters ONLY will appear in the Finals. A Different Song must be sung to that performed throughout the weekend. It does not need to be a song pertaining to the section you won in. Each person will appear ONCE ONLY in the Finals with the exception of DUO.
  • Presentations:– The Committee requests that all section winners will remain in their performance outfits until after the presentations and photos.
  • Prize Money and Trophies:– Will be awarded to the first, second and third placegetters in each section.
  • People’s Choice Award:– This will be determined by a count of votes from audience voting forms.
  • Personal Items:– Hughenden Country Music Festival will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to such items. Responsibility lies with the owner.
  • Judging Style:– Contestants will be judged on many areas including, country content, use of stage, expression, timing, suitability of material, microphone technique, pitch, breathing, appropriate dress, presentation, diction and entertainment value.
  • Photos and Filming:– Contestants agree to photos, filming and recording of their performances for promotional and website purposes specific to Hughenden Country Music Festival.

PLEASE NOTE: The Committee of the Hughenden Country Music Festival reserves the right to alter the Rules and Conditions at their discretion without prior notice and may cancel any section should there be insufficient nominations.


The Committee apologises for any omissions, late acknowledgements or errors that may or may not appear in the program